Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ghost: What is it?

“Ghost” – This word has kept the mankind in fear as well as curious for millenniums. Ghost came into existence along with the rise of mankind. You will see the presence of ghost in every region, culture, religion and race. Ghost has been one of the main subjects in literature and arts. The number of movies made on ghost in Hollywood alone shows its influence over mankind.

But ironically, most of the people actually do not know what a ghost is. Their understanding of a ghost is entirely based on those thrilling horror stories or special effects filled Hollywood horror movies. So what is a ghost then? Does it really exist or is it just a myth like fairies? Let us find out.

In general, as the people all over the world believe, a ghost is the spirit form of a dead person which can be seen near certain places, objects, or people with which that person was related in life. This is the general concept of a ghost among the people. Now-a-days, paranormal investigators who conduct research on ghosts are providing more details to the public.

According to them, a ghost is a spiritual entity which dwells in the physical world. Actually it should be in the spiritual world. Then why does a ghost or a spirit dwell in our world? There are many reasons for this. But the three most possible reasons are:

The ghost does not know that its life in physical world is over.
2. The ghost does not know how to enter the spiritual world.
The ghost has an unfinished business in this mortal world.

A ghost can communicate with humans. It can appear as a mist or a ball of light. The paranormal investigators call the ball of light as orb. According to them, the presence of a ghost around us can be felt. You will experience a sudden drop in temperature in a certain spot or a place if there is a ghost nearby.

There is the common belief among the people that ghosts harm humans as well as animals. But the paranormal investigators partially disagree to this. In most cases, ghosts communicate with humans either for help or to convey certain messages. In some cases, ghosts even help humans when they are in trouble.

On the other hand, as the paranormal investigators explain, there are ghosts which possess strong negative energy. These are the ghosts which harm living beings including humans. Some of them are so powerful that they can even possess a human body for the worldly pleasures. But in some cases, according to the paranormal investigators, people misunderstand demons for ghosts. The paranormal investigators are getting more information about these mysterious but intriguing entities with the help of advanced scientific instruments.

Today, some people are in the professions related to ghosts. There are people who are shamans, psychic healers, ghost busters or ghost hunters whose main task is to
get rid of a ghost in your house. There are also people, who earn for their living by selling items such as ghost hunting kits, crystals and stones, EVP equipments, and some exorcism stuffs.

But the most impressive people are them who have turned their haunted place into a popular tourist spot. In other words, they are earning a lot of revenue because of ghosts. Hence the ghosts are not just remained as a subject of fear anymore. In near future, more facts about ghosts will be revealed as the paranormal science advances.